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Because your health starts in the gut

Cooperation partner

Cooperation partner

What is myBioma?

At myBioma, we have recognised that your health starts in your gut. Our analysis shows you a way to more well-being and quality of life. Find out which bacteria live in your intestines and what functions they have. As a result, you will receive a report including personal recommendations to strengthen your microbiome with your diet and lifestyle.

Who is behind myBioma?

Who is behind myBioma?

“Your intestines are the seat of your health! Therefore we want to give you access to the most modern microbiome analysis”, say the founders of myBioma, Dr. Nikolaus Gasche and Dr. Barbara Sladek. myBioma is team of bioinformaticians, life scientists, software developers, communication experts, microbiome experts, universities and scientific cooperation partners.

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Get your most modern intestinal microbiome analysis for at home!

Your intestinal health at a glance.
Determination of over 1000 different bacteria and many more insights:

  • The most detailed report about your health status
  • Your microbiome diversity and health
  • Clear determination of your enterotype (intestinal flora type)
  • Information about your metabolism: calory consumption, metabolism
  • Effects on weight, diabetes, liver, cardiovascular system, etc.
  • Scientifically validated results
  • Easily understandable and personalised recommendations about your diet.