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Anni Grimm


Listen to your gut!

The reasons for a disturbed gut-brain connection

A guest article by nutritionist and certified mental trainer Carmen CrepazDid you know that our microbiome can have an influence on our mood or, ...


Lentil-vegetable stew: food for your slimming bacteria

Feed your slimming bacteria with the right foods!The success of our dream body is not only determined by hormones and the ratio of calorie intake...


Obesity – is the cause in the microbiome?

The relationship between obesity and the gut microbiomeChronic diseases are rapidly increasing worldwide, and obesity, which refers to severe ove...


Pumpkin Pie recipe – vegan and glutenfree

It's autumn and that means pumpkin time. And a piece of delicious pumpkin pie is a must. We have a delicious recipe for you that doesn't use any refi...


Interview: Viktoria Tauberger from Mantra of Balance

Using one' s own healing path as inspiration for one's vocation: Viktoria Tauberger is a certified nutritionist with a focus on gut health. In this i...


What is Paleo? Interview with Anja from

You have probably heard of Paleo. Paleo means something like Stone Age diet and is based on the original diet of hunter-gatherers. We wanted to know ...


Pumpkin soup with coconut milk, turmeric and ginger

Autumn time means soup time and sometimes also cold time. As described in our last article, we can use our diet as a preventive measure to ensure tha...


Does the gut microbiome influence our ageing process?

The link between chronic inflammation, the ageing process and the gut microbiomeAs populations in industrialised nations around the world age, th...


Interview: Holistic health with Dr. Sabine Fröhlich

Dr Sabine Fröhlich stands for holistic and long-term health and advises people on all medical matters. We were allowed to conduct an interview with ...


Moon Milk – Recipe for a peaceful sleep

You may have heard or read about Moon Milk. Besides trendy drinks like chai latte and golden milk, moon milk has its roots in Ayurvedic medicine. In ...