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A conversation about the form and content of the gut

We are looking forward to an exciting conversation in which both interlocutors are heading from different directions towards a common goal: the promot...


Plant-based diet boosts healthy gut bacteria

A plant-based diet is associated with many health benefits and can counteract diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease ...


The skin – the mirror of the gut

What do skin and intestinal mucosa have in common?The intestinal mucosa and skin both have contact with the environment and protect the organs fr...


Sugar & microbiome: the fatal effects

Recent studies have shown that high sugar intake increases the abundance of pathogenic bacteria in the gut while decreasing the abundance of supporti...


Insomnia: Is the cause in the gut?

Your gut may determine the quality of your sleepWe spend about a third of our lives asleep. Sleep is vital - it is as important to our bodies as ...


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