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Vegan Cheesecake Baked Oats

Ice cream, lots of raw vegetables, large quantities of fruit and drinks preferably from the fridge: these are the classic summer eating habits. Witho...


Gut and hormones in balance

Sophie Dangl on the connection between the gut microbiome and hormonesThe gut microbiome, consisting of thousands of different strains of bacteri...


Annemarie Ott on gut-healthy nutrition

Annemarie Ott has already been working as a dietician for 20 years, with one of her main focuses being the support of overweight people. She knows ab...


How sporty is your gut microbiome? 

Why your microbiome is important for achieving athletic goals Many scientific studies show that sporting activities have a positive influenc...


Why natural cosmetics are healthier for your microbiome

As a qualified nurse, certified micronutrient advisor and cosmetician, Marina Prskalo helps you step by step to a better, holistic and naturally phys...


The reasons for a disturbed gut-brain connection

A guest article by nutritionist and certified mental trainer Carmen CrepazDid you know that our microbiome can have an influence on our mood or, ...


Microbiome – Key to activate your gut’s healthy & slimming potential

Maybe you know this: people who can eat everything without worrying about whether they can tolerate it or not, and still maintain their feel-good wei...


That’s why yoga is healthy for your gut

Exercise is good, but yoga is better! We always emphasise how important exercise is for a healthy gut microbiome. But did you know that yoga in parti...


Vegan nutrition in TCM – a personal report by nutritionist Cornelia Führer

Those who are interested in alternative medicine can' t avoid tTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Another trend focuses on a healthy & susta...