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A conversation about the form and content of the gut

We are looking forward to an exciting conversation in which both interlocutors are heading from different directions towards a common goal: the promot...


Interview with Barbara Plaschka from KauGENAU

CHEW YOURSELF SLIM?OK, I think the following sentences has already heard everyone once "Don't gulp down like that!" or "Now chew a little longer...


Interview: Viktoria Tauberger from Mantra of Balance

Using one' s own healing path as inspiration for one's vocation: Viktoria Tauberger is a certified nutritionist with a focus on gut health. In this i...


What is Paleo? Interview with Anja from

You have probably heard of Paleo. Paleo means something like Stone Age diet and is based on the original diet of hunter-gatherers. We wanted to know ...


Interview: Holistic health with Dr. Sabine Fröhlich

Dr Sabine Fröhlich stands for holistic and long-term health and advises people on all medical matters. We were allowed to conduct an interview with ...


Interview with holistic nutrition coach Katharina Lange

Katharina, thank you for taking the time for an interview. At the beginning it would be nice if you briefly introduce yourself: Who are you and what ...


A conversation with nutritionist & bestselling author Margit Fensl

Dear Margit, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Perhaps you could introduce yourself briefly so that our readers know who you are and what ...


Vegan nutrition and gut health – an interview with Christian Wenzel

Vegan diet and gut health. Many studies have already proven that a high proportion of plant-based foods can help to increase gut health. We wanted to...


When it comes to losing weight, our gut plays an underestimated role

An interview with gut coach Bernhard BrendingerBernhard Brendinger is a gut coach for successful weight loss and helps especially entrepreneurs a...


How to change your eating habits – an interview with psychologist Evelyn Obermaier

We are probably all familiar with it: we make a firm resolution to do something, like our New Year's resolution in January to eat healthily, lose wei...