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Low-FODMAP recipe: vegetable pasta (gluten-free)

In summer it's too hot to cook something elaborate, it has to be quick and best of all it should also be enjoyable served cold. We have a super simpl...


Recipe to boost your happiness hormone serotonin

We've all heard of serotonin, which is colloquially known as our happiness hormone. But what only a few know is that serotonin is mostly, 90% to be e...


Healthy carrot cake for a happy microbiome

Even the healthiest and most athletic of us sometimes feel the need for something sweet. Unfortunately, sweet often means a lot of unhealthy sugar an...


Microbiome recipe: Carrot-turmeric soup

A delicious and simple microbiome recipe for your good gut bacteria: Carrot turmeric soup with spinach leaves and pumpkin seeds.Your gut microbio...


Baked sweet potatoes with chickpeas and tahini yoghurt

There is nothing more important for a healthy microbiome than the right nutrition. With the right foods, you can balance your microbiome and thus hel...


Lentil-vegetable stew: food for your slimming bacteria

The success of our dream body is not only determined by hormones and the ratio of calorie intake to exercise - the bacteria in your gut also play the...


How “grandma’s” cooking contributes to your immune defense!

Everyone knows how important it is to strengthen the immune system, especially during this challenging time. Most of us know the recommendation...


Good friends: bananas and your microbiome

Bananas: Everyone knows them and it is impossible to imagine our household assortment without them as a quick snack for in between. But what do the c...


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