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The health benefits of kefir and how you can make it yourself

Kefir is a fermented milk drink rich in probiotic bacteria that can have a positive effect on gut health and gut flora. In this article, we will disc...


Recipe for diarrhoea: Asian breakfast soup

A healthy breakfast for your gut microbiomeNourishing, satisfying and yet easy to digest. With our Asian breakfast soup, you can start the day with...


Recipe: Easter yeast plait vegan & gluten-free

Easter is just around the corner and a delicious yeast plait is a must. We have tried to make the classic recipe a little more gut-friendly. Besides,...


Recipe: Power-Skin-Porridge for a healthy gut-skin-axis

The skin the mirror of the soulYou can often tell our lifestyle by looking at our face. Perhaps we have slept too little, drunk too much alc...


Bliss Balls Recipe: A Natural Mood Booster

How your diet affects your mood and wellbeingEnergy Balls or Bliss Balls - our recipe contains ingredients that can be a real mood booster. Did ...


Lentil-vegetable stew: food for your slimming bacteria

Feed your slimming bacteria with the right foods!The success of our dream body is not only determined by hormones and the ratio of calorie intake...


Recipe: Gingerbread Brownies

Are you looking for a cake recipe for the Christmas season?Maybe we have something for you, because with brownies you can almost only win!Bro...


Recipe – Fermented red cabbage

Why you should ferment red cabbage:  Have you ever tried homemade red cabbage or even made it yourself?Especially at Christmas time...


Golden milk: The cure for all diseases?

Golden milk: The cure for all diseases?Attention, danger of addiction! Golden milk - or turmeric latte, as the IT drink is often called - promise...


Pumpkin Pie recipe – vegan and glutenfree

It's autumn and that means pumpkin time. And a piece of delicious pumpkin pie is a must. We have a delicious recipe for you that doesn't use any refi...


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