Corona update

We hope you and your loved ones are well!

The situation around COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is getting more and more serious all over Europe and the measures our governments are taking are becoming more drastic. But we are certain of one thing: We will get through this together! 


The current status: We are there for you!

A well-balanced gut is known to be the source of all health, which is why we should pay particular attention to our microbiome during this time. Our laboratory is still open, the analyses will continue. So, you can still order and also send in your sample. Should there be any delays or changes, we will inform you immediately by email. Don't worry: The stool tube contains a stool stabilizing liquid which keeps your sample safe - even for longer periods of time.


Our recommendations to boost your immune system

The thought of being infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) makes many people nervous. We hear stories of people hoarding toilet paper, stealing disinfectants and face masks (none of these will help you stay healthy, by the way). On the other hand, regular hand washing, social distancing etc. are important and necessary(!) measures.

But: It is just as important to strengthen your immune system from the inside. The importance of our microbiome is clearly highlighted by the fact that 70-80% of the body's own immune cells are found in the gut. That's why we have summarized our top tips on how to boost your immune system:

  1. Pay attention to a diet rich in fibre, mainly vegetables: your microbiome really likes fibre, pulses and fermented foods!
  2. Drink enough water! Water serves as an important means of transport for toxins to be eliminated from your body.
  3. Wash your hands: Do this sufficiently long and thoroughly. Do not forget the space between your fingers and under your fingernails! If you can, use skin-friendly products, your natural skin microbiome will thank you.
  4. Move your body: Movement mobilizes our white blood cells so they can perform their "surveillance" tasks. A walk in the fresh air is sufficient. If you are out and about on your own, you can listen to a podcast or audio book. Fresh air also stimulates the mucous membranes and reduces stress at the same time. Another good option is joining some of the many great workouts on Youtube!
  5. Reduce your stress level: stress hormones, such as cortisol, can affect immune function. Meditate, do yoga, read a book.
  6. Avoid alcohol and other toxins (cigarettes etc.): alcohol consumption alters the interaction between the intestinal microbiome and the immune system. Heavy alcohol consumption exhausts our immune cells.
  7. Get enough vitamins: Consume plenty of fruit and vegetables. And yes, five pieces of fruit and vegetables per day is enough!
  8. Get enough sleep! Rest gives your body the possibility to recharge and get new energy.

If you strengthen your health from within, you lay the foundation for lasting protection from disease for yourself and your family.

The most important thing: Stay calm! We can use this time as an opportunity to look inwards and take responsibility for our own health and that of our fellow human beings. If you feel lonely, there are plenty of opportunities to maintain social contacts: Make appointments via tools like Skype, Hangouts or Face-Time. If you go for a walk alone, listen to a podcast or an audio book. 

And: keep to the hygiene rules and sanctions of the governments!


Improve your health with myBioma

If you want to read more about the microbiome and intestinal health, you can find our latest blog article here (German). Your intestinal health is now more important than ever. If you follow our tips, you will actively strengthen your immune system.

If you want to check your intestinal health, order the myBioma microbiome analysis now and get personalized nutritional recommendations to improve your health!

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