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Everything about myBioma explained simply


We are an Austrian, medical-technical start-up, which tries to give all people easy access to the most modern intestinal microbiome analysis (= intestinal flora). And this directly from home! In order to conduct the analysis in a scientifically-based manner, we work closely together with renowned European universities. The analysis report is always up to date with the latest scientific findings and is regularly checked and improved by experts.

You receive a detailed intestinal microbiom analysis based on the latest scientific findings:

  • Easy and understandable presentation of the results via myBioma App: With the free myBioma App, you get regular status updates on where your sample is at the moment, your complete report is available directly on your smartphone.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations: In your report you will receive scientifically based recommendations to improve your microbiome health in a sustainable way!
  • Worldwide the first microbiome company to be double ISO certified: Your guarantee for services of the highest quality!
  • myBioma Analysis Platform: Contains more than 800 important associations between intestinal bacteria and diseases and more than 3500 scientific publications on specific intestinal issues, as well as sound intestinal intestinal microbiome data from Central Europe.
  • Take advantage of our network of doctors & nutritionists: If you would like a personal consultation, we will gladly recommend a suitable person from the myBioma network! Find out more here.  Find your therapist
  • Data protection: We keep our mouth shut! Your personal data is stored in a high-security computer centre directly in Vienna, absolute discretion is guaranteed!

Further reasons for myBioma you can fine here: Reasons why test

The protection of your data is one of the most relevant challenges for us. The data is stored encrypted on secure servers in Austria. Furthermore, there is no transfer of your data to insurance companies, banks or advertising institutions.

we keep our mouth shut!

We deliver throughout Europe – and free of shipping costs within the EU! If you live outside of Europe and still want to do a myBioma microbiome analysis, send us an email directly and we will find a solution!


That’s true. However, your doctor’s analysis will be based on stool cultures. Such cultures are one of the oldest methods of analysis (for 200 years) and are scientifically inaccurate in the quantitative detection of different bacteria.

On the other hand, myBioma can detect more than 1000 different types of bacteria using Next Generation DNA Sequencing and also gives you information about the functions of bacteria. Due to the complexity of Next Generation Sequencing, the analysis is very cost-intensive.


So that the entire process, from order to receipt of the result, is as easy as possible for you, we do not charge any extra costs for return shipping. You just have to throw the envelope in the envelope with the stool sample into the nearest mailbox. Everything else we take care for you!

The stool tube contains a solution in which your bacteria can survive transport to our laboratory without cooling. No matter if summer or winter – sending the sample by post will not affect your results.

The preservation liquid stabilises the sample for several months without cooling. This is very important for us because we analyse the balance and distribution of the intestinal bacteria.


The analysis is based on Next-Generation DNA Sequencing. This is the most modern method for DNA determination. We use this method to analyse the DNA of your bacteria. This tells us which bacteria are in your stool and how well they metabolize, for example: sugar.
Read more about your result here (Sample report )

The sampling is very easy and fast. In your kit you will find instructions with the following steps:

  1. Stick stool collector to the toilet bowl.
  2. Take a sample at one point using the sampling stick.
  3. Stir the sampling stick into the tube and screw tight.
  4. Send the tube back to us free.

Immediately after your order, we will send the kit to your home. After taking the stool sample, you drop the envelope with the tube into the next mailbox and we extract the DNA and prepare the sequencing. Afterwards the sample has to be processed by us using bioinformatics, which will provide you with a clear and detailed report.

Our aim is to constantly reduce the time needed for analysis. However, because the analysis is so time-consuming, you should allow 4-6 weeks until you receive your results.

We analyse all your bacteria and combine the results with the latest studies. Your result includes the following points:

  • Diversity and health of your gut
  • Determination of enterotypes
  • Production of vitamins and insights into sugar, fat and protein metabolism
  • Inflammation indicators and infections
  • Effects of your intestinal flora on immune system, liver, weight, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms associated with your gut flora
  • Individual recommendations
  • All results are backed by scientific studies.

The test

Both makes sense! An intestinal microbiome analysis is a snapshot and can therefore tell you a lot about the current status of your intestinal health and general well-being. An unhealthy lifestyle and diet can lead to intestinal complaints in the long term.
An analysis of the intestinal microbiome, if you have complaints, is therefore definitely useful. Even if you have no symptoms, a well-founded intestinal microbiome analysis can help you explore and optimise your intestinal health.
The intestinal microbiome changes every few months, so a follow-up test is advisable to identify changes.


Yes, medication and probiotics have an effect on your intestinal microbiome. Please always list the medications and probiotics, which you take. Only then can we include this information in the evaluation.

Certain private insurance companies cover part of the costs. However, this is not yet standard practice. If you are privately insured, please ask the insurance company directly.
Public health insurances do not cover any costs at the moment. However, preventive measures are becoming increasingly important. The statements of the myBioma analysis can also have a preventive relevance. Therefore, we assume that in the future, health insurance companies will cover the costs of such an intestinal microbiome analysis.

Yes, sure! We will gladly send you your report as a PDF or by post. Though we have to charge a contribution towards expenses for printing the report. However, you will not have access to additional (background) information and news on the topic of intestinal microbiome and myBioma. Have a look at our free app!(  ,