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Intended purpose

The scientific myBioma analysis

The intestinal microbiome analysis is based on the collection of the microbial DNA of a stool sample. The test results are presented using the myBioma App (iOS/Android). This is an application that gives the customer the opportunity to explore his microbiome. The customer receives individual recommendations for action in addition to the visualization of his test results. The evaluations and recommendations for action can be made available as a basis for further investigations or recommendations. Biome Diagnostics accepts no liability for the results.  

The myBioma analysis is based on scientific studies of the western population. Therefore, the analyses are more oriented towards people of European descent and may be of less relevance for people of other origins. Furthermore, myBioma analysis is a scientific lifestyle product – and not a medical device. Biome Diagnostics can support professional medical advice from a licensed physician or professional nutritional advice, but in no case can it replace it. Biome Diagnostics refers to the customer in a clearly visible manner and explicitly points out that the test results only represent a supplement and that a physician should be consulted on medical questions.