The analysis

Analysis kit

1The myBioma package

The myBioma package includes a complete analysis kit with a personal microbiome report in the app or as a PDF. The kit contains a manual, a sample container with a DNA-stabilizing fluid, a pre-franked return envelope and a stool collector.

2Stool collection

You can easily collect your stool at home. The kit includes a stool collector for washdown flush toilets. Follow the instructions for optimal sampling. After you have taken the sample, you send it back to us with the pre-franked return envelope.
You can activate your sample in the mobile app (iOS & Android). This gives you access to all the benefits of the app. If you just want to receive a PDF report by email, you can activate your sample online at

Stool collection
Illumina MiSeq

3The analysis

After the arrival of the sample, we will transport it to our partner laboratory. At the laboratory, the sample is prepared and the 16S gene sequencing is performed. Due to the complexity of the analysis, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the sample to be analyzed. The report will be automatically sent to your email address after completion of the analysis.

4Your personal microbiome report

The myBioma microbiome report is comprehensible and offers the right level of comprehensibility and depth of content.

  • Unique microbiome barcode

    The bacteria are summarized with green and orange dots for an overall rating. This "barcode" is shown on two lines, so you can easily get an overview.

  • Clear interpretation and explanation

    Every conclusion of your result is described in a way that is easy to understand. You do not have to have the report explained to you by an expert. Of course, you can always call on a specialist.

  • General microbiome health

    Find out if your microbiome is healthy. Are there enough different species, how high is the diversity, are probiotic bacteria present? All these factors are included in the report.

  • Nutrition and food utilization

    Your microbiome plays a big role e.g. in the production of vitamins or metabolism of sugar. The report not only tells you which bacteria have been analyzed, but also what function they perform.

  • Scientifically-based associations to diseases

    We've analysed over 3000 European and American studies to know which bacteria have an impact. We focus on diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

  • Modern app and PDF report

    You can see the results in the easy-to-use app for iOS and Android. Alternatively, you can print and save your PDF report at home. You have both options - you do not have to choose one.

myBioma microbiome report PDF screenshot
myBioma microbiome report app screenshot
Complete myBioma package€135